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The Universe is a Two Faced Bitch

How would you know the truth to these lies? Or lies to the truth?

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Hi. Name's Kristina. Married 8-9-14. Birthdate: February, 1989.

College: Rochester Institute of Technology

Major: Studying in Marketing

This is something that I don't normally share in my profile but I feel that everyone should know what will happen in my entries. I am diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression. Often you'll find my entries that may be depressing. Sometime I rant. Sometime I post happy entries on the good days. I would write poems and stories.

This is my journey and you have yours.
I keep my journal locked. Add if interested to learn more about me.
I try to be fair when it comes to commenting. If I don't comment, don't take it personally. I like to read.
Support is important- Family and friends are important to me.
So is writing and music, it helps me to escape from my problems from time to time.
If you're interested in reading mine, feel free to add me. I welcome all to read.